An autocross event for Formula Student, by Formula Student.

Open to FS:

Combustion and Electric Vehicles




More competitions, more opportunities

Presenting an opportunity to compete with your FS vehicle in more dynamic events within India. An increase in competition participation, increases your team’s chances of winning laurels and collecting testing data for future improvements.

Enhance your driving skills

Competing in autocross events provides drivers with hands-on understanding of how your FS vehicle responds to steering, braking, and throttle inputs. It encourages quick decision-making as you navigate the course.

Amplify training opportunities for new talent

Competition attendance develops awareness and understanding of Formula Student amongst new recruits, and expands recognition of the FS arena which leads to increase in retention of members through the season.

Affordable, safe and fun!

AutoX Track Days was designed to be a casual event (without the FS statics) that provides an opportunity for teams to gain more track-time with their vehicle, within a safe environment run by FS alumni.

2024 AutoX Track Days – Location & Event Dates

Aruani Grid, Bengaluru

February 18, 2024: Setup, Tech Inspections and Autocross

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